Etiquette Policy

The IFMA Westchester / Hudson Valley, NY Board of Directors and membership committee firmly believe that IFMA is a vehicle for business networking and the manner in which this is done must be done on a professional level. The following guidelines should be followed when attending IFMA sponsored events.

  • Introduce yourself freely to other members of the association whether they are members or associate members. Anyone can be a great professional resource for you (and you for them!) regardless of his/her title.

  • Building relationships with other members is important for our individual professions as well as for the overall association. Asking questions and listening to others is a key to establishing these connections.

  • Handing out business cards is not necessarily considered effective networking. After speaking with someone, if appropriate, ask if the person would like your card and/or ask for his/her card.

  • Networking is a two way street. Members should be receptive to associate members. Members can gain information from associate members and vice-versa.

  • Take the initiative to greet new people/guests at events. You do not have to be the membership chairperson to do this job, but you can meet some new faces, make others feel welcomed and represent the association well. This gesture also helps avoid the association from being seen as having too many cliques.

  • Monthly meetings should be attended by the designated member. We encourage our members to bring guests, but remember, after two visits they need to join.

  • All cell phones should be silenced (or on vibrate) during programs. To avoid distracting the presenter/speaker, if possible, please return calls during a break or after the speaker and/or presentation has concluded.

  • Avoid having excessive side conversations during the program so that other attendees can effectively hear the speaker’s material.

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